Lise Gold is an author of lesbian romance. Her romantic attitude, enthusiasm for travel and love for feel good stories form the heartland of her writing. Born in London to a Norwegian mother and English father, and growing up between the UK, Norway, Zambia and the Netherlands, she feels at home pretty much everywhere and has an unending curiosity for new destinations. She goes by ‘write what you know’ and is often found in exotic locations doing research or getting inspired for her next novel.

Working as a designer for fifteen years and singing semi- professionally, Lise has always been a creative at heart. Her novels are the result of a quest for a new passion after resigning from her design job in 2017. Since the launch of Lily’s Fire (2017) she has written several romantic novels and is currently working on ‘The Compass Series’. ‘French Summer’ (2018) has won a Lesfic Bard Award and ‘Fireflies’ (2018) was a Goldie finalist.

When not writing from her kitchen table, Lise can be found cooking, traveling or singing her heart out somewhere, preferably country or blues.

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