Senior Purser Mia Donoghue is always on the go, leaving her little time for herself. She doesn’t mind being busy, it provides distraction from painful memories and her daily struggle to stay sober.

 Captain Ava Alfarsi has just been promoted, carrying more responsibility than she’s ever had before. As a single, young and attractive captain, Ava has no problem meeting women, but her control issues and fear of people finding out she’s far from perfect stand in the way of connecting with others on a deeper level.

 When the two become aware of each other’s deepest secrets, they find comfort in the knowledge that they’re not alone. The attraction is undeniable as they embark on a healing journey together. Can Ava learn to let go, and can Mia somehow make peace with her past?

 Both searching for strength to fight their demons, they never expected to find strength in each other. But is passion enough to keep the fire burning?


I’m an author of lesbian romance. My first novels Lily’s Fire, Beyond the Skyline, The Cruise, French Summer and Fireflies are available globally in both paperback and digital format, online and in selected stores. I live in the UK with my wife, our two adorable rescue dogs, and two crazy cats. My stories are romantic and feel good; I aim to make people smile, and I hope my books will be an enjoyable read for both gay and straight women. If you’d like to be kept up to date on future releases, please follow the links below to connect on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, or email me through the contact menu.