Madeleine Taylor

Lise Gold Books also writes sizzling w/w erotics under the pen name Madeleine Taylor.

The Good Girl (2019)

I’m a good girl. I work hard, look like your average girl, do everything in moderation, and I certainly don’t make a habit of going into strangers’ hotel rooms dressed in sexy lingerie and killer heels. That is, until I meet her.

When a mysterious woman buys me a drink at a hotel bar in New York, I never expect her to impact my life the way she does. From the moment she lays eyes on me there’s little point fighting my desires because she seems to know them better than I do…

The Good Girl is the naughty debut novella by Madeleine Taylor, author of lesbian erotica.


Online (2020)

I’m Valerie, a recently divorced CFO from LA. After discovering lesbian erotica, I joined an online book club and have been indulging in steamy novels ever since.

A new chapter in my life starts when Syd, a fellow member I’ve been sharing a sexy online exchange with, invites me to her house in Quebec.

It seems excessive to get on a flight for someone I don’t know, but my curiosity wins over my deeply grounded sensibilities, and soon I find myself tangled in a web of discovery and raging desire.


Masquerade (2020)

I’m Ivy Giacometti, a nightclub singer from New York, but tonight, I’m masquerading as Miss Black. I’m visiting my friend Tessa who lives in New Orleans and we’ve just been busted for gate-crashing a masked party after Tessa pretends to know Countess Montgomery, the mysterious hostess.

A charming and devilishly attractive stranger saves us from humiliation and ushers us inside, and it soon becomes clear that this is not the kind of party I was expecting. Things are getting heated and the atmosphere is unconventional to say the least, but so is my hostess, the Phantom, who drives me to my limits in a private room upstairs.

When identities are hidden, nothing is what it seems, and only time will reveal what lies beneath when the mask finally drops…

Santa’s Favorite (2020)

I’m Lucy, a law student with a part-time job as a personal shopper at Bergman’s, an exclusive department store in New York.

As Christmas is nearing, my employer has hired a Santa. I don’t appreciate the way he keeps looking at me until I find out that Santa is a woman…

I’m one of those people who doesn’t like Christmas and I have my reasons for that. But being in Santa’s presence brings out the holiday spirit, as well as the bad side, in me. So much so, that I soon find myself longing to be on Santa’s naughty list!