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Lily’s Fire (2017)

Lily, a heartbroken editor from London, has just learned the hard way that love is unpredictable. After finding her fiancee entangled with another woman, she travels to Bali to recover from her failed relationship.

River is a womanizing artist with a troubled past and serious commitment issues. She traded a successful career in L.A. for a quiet, anonymous life in Bali where she works as a tour guide on weekends. After the two meet on an excursion led by River, Lily is shocked to find herself curiously drawn to her new friend.

Lily has never been involved with a woman before but she can’t seem to get the charming and persuasive blonde out of her head. Is this newly awakened fire just a moment in time? Or has destiny led them exactly where they needed to be?

Beyond the Skyline (2017)

Sophie Scott is a privileged but hard-working London girl who’s had just about enough of her mother’s obsessive attempts to set her up with an eligible bachelor. She has no interest in dating and has never been in love.

When she meets her new colleague Mel on a business trip to Hong Kong, her whole world is turned upside down by the beautiful and independent woman who couldn’t be more different from her.

It’s hard to hide from love in a city that never dims its lights. But love is never easy when everything you know changes…

The Cruise (2018)

When Cara is made redundant and unable to find another job in journalism, she takes on a seasonal position on a cruise ship with Billie, her best friend’s girlfriend. Billie isn’t her type at all, but as the two grow closer during their time at sea, Cara finds herself torn between loyalty towards her friend Dan, and her growing feelings for the beautiful and flirtatious Billie, who might very well be the best thing that’s ever happened to her.

What do you do when the only thing you want is the one thing you can’t have? Keeping a distance is hard when opposites attract. And running away is pointless when desire can cross oceans…

French Summer (2018)

Newly divorced and bought out of her company, Nathalie rents a holiday home in the South of France. After years of hard work and a failed marriage in Chicago, she’s looking for some peace and quiet, a place to clear her mind and figure out her future.
Lena loves women, her dog, and landscaping, but that’s about as complicated as it gets. When she meets her new tenant for the summer, it proves hard to stay professional as a caretaker, especially when that tenant turns out to be everything she ever wanted and more.

As time passes and boundaries blur, the moment of goodbye becomes inevitable. Nathalie isn’t looking for a new love, especially not in the form of a woman, and Lena has no desire to get her heart crushed again.
Is it possible to find home in a place you’ve never been? And is it worth the risk, giving up everything for someone you’ve only just met? They say home is where the heart is…

Fireflies (2018)

Senior purser Mia Donoghue is always on the go, leaving her little time for herself. She doesn’t mind being busy; it provides distraction from painful memories and her daily struggle to stay sober.

Captain Ava Alfarsi has just been promoted, carrying more responsibility than she’s ever had before. As a single, young and attractive captain, Ava has no problem meeting women, but her control issues and fear of people finding out she’s far from perfect stand in the way of connecting with others on a deeper level.

When the two become aware of each other’s deepest secrets, they find comfort in the knowledge that they’re not alone. The attraction is undeniable as they embark on a healing journey together. Can Ava learn to let go, and can Mia somehow make peace with her past?

Both searching for strength to fight their demons, they never expected to find strength in each other. But is passion enough to keep the fire burning?

Northern Lights (2018)

Hannah Hudson decides to take a break from her busy restaurant and her life in London after her girlfriend, who she thought she’d share the rest of her life with, suddenly walks out on her. She travels to a small boutique hotel in Kirkenes, Norway, hoping to spend a peaceful and relaxing Christmas by herself.

Kristine Miller loves adventure. A bank manager living in a small town in Louisiana, she’ll take every opportunity she can get to explore the world. Kristine travels to Norway hoping to see the famous northern lights but when she meets Hannah, a fellow guest at her hotel, she realizes soon enough that the northern lights might not be the most fascinating thing there.

Both women expected Christmas in Norway to be special but neither of them expected it to bring magic into their lives…

Southern Roots (2019)

Hannah Hudson has had a rough start to the year. Returning home to London from her magical holiday in Norway, still on a high after meeting the wonderful Kristine, her newfound happiness is dealt a crushing blow when she discovers that her ex has been stealing from her and she is going to lose her business. A letter from an American lawyer throws her an unexpected lifeline, informing her that she’s inherited a house and a restaurant in Presley, Louisiana, from her biological mother who gave her up for adoption at birth.

Meanwhile back in Covington, nothing ever changes in Kristine Miller’s life. She’s grown tired of her job at the local bank, and she’s reluctant to go back to dating, unable to get Hannah, who has gone silent on her, out of her mind.

When Hannah suddenly shows up in Kristine’s life again there is no denying that destiny has a plan for them, but Hannah’s life is in London and Kristine’s is deeply attached to the beautiful South.

As Hannah searches for the story behind her Southern roots, can they overcome the challenge of distance to give themselves another shot at love? Second chances are rare, and you can’t question fate when it keeps drawing you back together…

Eastern Nights (2019)

Felicia Perez, a carefree, hopeless flirt from Miami, is working a second job as a fitting model in Bangkok while saving up to expand her own clothing line. She loves women and her freedom and never shies away from going after what she wants.

Kate Simmons is a passionate interior designer who is married to her job. Her love for beauty is universal; she can’t imagine tying herself down to anything that might limit her enjoyment of it, and that includes the shackles of a relationship.

When they meet in a hotel bar in Bangkok, they are instantly drawn to each other, but with both being used to having the upper hand, the situation is confusing to say the least. When two hunters cross paths, will one end up being the prey?

Together, they embark on a journey of self-discovery in the beautiful surroundings of exotic and mystical Thailand. Is the irresistible attraction between them merely the excitement of finally meeting their match or is the universe trying to steer them in the right direction?

Eastern Nights is part of the Compass Series but can also be read as a standalone.

Western Shores (2020)

Madison Wilson, a recently graduated marine biologist, is ready to start her adult life with her first job as a research technician in Santa Cruz. After moving to Capitola, a sweet and colorful beach town in Northern California, she is immediately enchanted by her new house, as well as her beautiful landlady, Ally.

Ally Santos, a widow and single mother, is relieved to be rid of the fuss of holiday tenants, as she’s busy enough with her highly gifted son Theo and her bar, Western Shores. When a young, pink-haired girl moves into her pink house, she’s hoping life will get calmer, but nothing could have prepared her for the curious attraction she feels toward her new neighbor…

Is Ally ready to embrace her feelings for someone who is not only a woman but also seventeen years her junior? And is Madison ready to take on the challenge of instant adulthood with all its trappings, instead of slowly easing into it?

Northern Vows (2020)

Their love story began over a magical Christmas holiday and now Hannah and Kristine have returned to Norway to stay at Espen and Dani’s new eco-resort. They are excited to be taking part in the festivities surrounding Midsummer’s Eve, but they also have a bigger celebration to plan. This time, there will be no sad goodbyes because this time, they’re getting married!

Madison, Ally, and Theo, along with the supporting cast of the ‘The Compass Series,’ all have their part to play in making Hannah and Kristine’s wedding a memorable one. For Kate and Felicia, this trip is a chance to reconnect after too much time spent apart, but they are faced with another important decision, one that could change their lives forever.

Daisy, a waitress at The Radley and aspiring photographer, is delighted to be responsible for their wedding pictures. Yet, when her lens meets a bathing Scandinavian beauty in the early hours of the day, she captures way more than she bargained for.

Take part in the fun as Northern Vows connects the characters from Northern Lights, Southern Roots, Eastern Nights, and Western Shores with love, lust, laughter, and a little bit of trouble in paradise…

Living (2019)

During her morning exercise, yoga instructor Cam Saunders finds herself rescuing a young woman who has walked into the sea, seemingly intent on taking her own life. When the woman in question turns out to be a famous actress, Cam promises to keep her secret safe.

Six months later, America’s sweetheart Ella Temperley is working hard to get her life back on track, grieving the loss of her twin sister and fighting a deep depression. Despite her fame, she feels alone in the world and keeps thinking of the woman she owes her life to.

After Ella shows up in Cam’s life again, the two become closer than they ever imagined possible. But what happens when friendship turns into attraction? Living is a slow-burn coming-out romance about loss, love and life.

The Scent of Rome (2020)

n a last-ditch attempt to secure an investor for an app she’s developed, Rome Foster travels to her namesake city hoping her luck is going to change. Just as she’s about to pitch her life’s work, she meets the charming and captivating Nadine; a high-end escort who shocks Rome by flirting with her. Rome is straight, but Nadine sparks up a fire in her so strong that it seems impossible to extinguish.

Nadine Costa is pleased with the way her life is going. She lives in a fantastic apartment in the city she loves, and her lucrative job provides the funds she needs to support her expensive passion: perfume making. When Rome crosses her path, she knows she’s never smelled anything quite so exquisite in her life.

Rome is a loner and doesn’t let people in, but when an incident occurs and Nadine steps in to save her, she realizes her feelings go deeper than just lust. Neither of them was looking for something more than physical, but when the stars are aligned, it’s hard to escape destiny…

Blue (2021)

When Celia Krügerner visits her Uncle Dieter’s castle in Switzerland for his annual summer ball, she’s excited to learn that Erin, who she shared an unforgettable dance with the year before, will once again be attending. Although their exchange was brief, Celia’s been unable to stop thinking about the dark and mysterious woman, and she’s determined to make a lasting impression on her this time.

Erin Nour, superyacht designer and avid traveler, has sailed from Bermuda to attend her good friend Dieter’s ball and has donated a vacation on The Barracuda – her pride and joy – to the charity auction held during the event. The long journey was worth it, as she’s not only looking forward to celebrating his recovery from recent ill health but also to seeing his favorite niece, Celia again.

When Dieter places the winning bid, he invites Erin, Celia and his love interest Andy to join him on the yacht. Erin soon finds out that this will be his last voyage and honoring his wishes, she promises to keep the severity of his illness to herself. They embark on a life-altering journey together but with secrets between them, can love prevail?

The Next Life (2021)

After the painful divorce from her husband, Reina Amari, wealthy mother of two, has lost her sense of self. No longer wife and homemaker, she feels low, lonely, and purposeless in her huge mansion in the Hamptons.

Her life suddenly changes when she meets Belle, her new pool technician, who brings back feelings long forgotten. Her emotions conflicted, Belle roars into Reina’s life like a storm; the calm waters now a thing of the past, and Reina has no idea how to deal with the situation. 

Single mom Belle Rodgers services pools during the day and works for Hamptons’ Escorts a few nights a week. She loves giving her female clients the only thing their rich husbands can’t provide: an unforgettable night between the sheets. Belle’s number one rule is to not get emotionally invested, but when her secret crush Reina books her, that proves to be a tough challenge.

Between their differences in lifestyle and Belle having a less than conventional job, nothing is simple and they struggle to fight their undeniable chemistry. Can Reina come to terms with her sexuality? And can Belle find the trust to open herself up? Storms are beautiful, but they can also be destructive….

The Next Life: a sizzling collaboration from best-selling romance author, Lise Gold and erotica author, Madeleine Taylor.

Welcome to Paradise (2021)

Paradise Hotel is anything but paradise. Lisa Walker comes to that conclusion the moment she arrives at the all-inclusive resort in Benidorm, Spain. Recovering from a painful break-up as well as the impact of the pandemic—including the loss of her job and her flat— she was hoping the low-budget escape might do her good, yet she couldn’t have been more wrong.

Stella Castillo, poolside manager at Paradise Hotel, is delighted to be back at work after a long lockdown. The guests are equally excited, celebrating life going back to normal. Apart from one woman, who her colleagues refer to as ‘Miss Grumpy’.

When Stella’s colleague makes a faux pas and insults Lisa, Stella steps in to try and smooth over the situation. What starts out as a tentative friendship soon leads to more and as Stella begins to understand why Lisa is so unhappy, she unexpectedly finds herself falling head over heels with the beautiful Brit.

After Sunset (2022)

After years of working abroad as a chef, Zoe returns to her home town in Spain to embark on the next step in her career: executive chef in a new hotel. She’s excited to put together a team and create a menu to die for before the hotel opens, but after meeting the building contractor, wounds from her past put a dampener on the challenge.

Marcy keeps herself busy. Apart from her day-to-day job as a contractor, she’s either working on her dream home or chasing the ladies. She’s a people pleaser; always friendly and on good terms with everyone, yet the new chef at the hotel she’s renovating can’t stand her, and she can’t figure out why.

When they meet at a pool party during a women’s only weekend, Marcy is shocked to discover she shares a brief history with Zoe. A history she’d long forgotten about.

In the Mirror (2022)

New Yorker Faith Astor is a successful fashion photographer. Living in Manhattan and parading glamorous parties, she seems to have it all, yet nothing could be further from the truth. When a female personal trainer shows up on New Year’s Day, she regrets booking the kickstart session in a drunken haze, but the woman likes a challenge and won’t take no for an answer.

After years of struggling with an eating disorder, Silva Carter finally has her life back on track. With a careful balance of exercise, healthy living and a strict routine she keeps her anxiety at bay, but breaking her ankle forces her to let go of the control she so desperately needs. As she’s unable to tackle the staircase in her apartment block, her beautiful client Faith offers Silva her spare bedroom for the duration of her recovery, and they soon learn they have more in common than they realized.

Faith is fascinated by her cute trainer, who seems to understand her better than anyone else, and for the first time, she finds herself attracted to a woman. But after a run-in on a high-profile photoshoot, that could be the least of her worries.

Cupid is a Cat (2022)

American born project manager Nora Bloom enjoys her life in London, but love hasn’t been easy. To stop herself from thinking about her ex for a night, she signs up for a speed-dating event. Not looking for anything other than distraction, she’s surprised when she meets an Israeli woman who leaves a lasting impression on her.

London-based diamond dealer Yael Kehim joins her single friend on a speed-dating night. Already casually dating someone, she’s only there for moral support, but after meeting Nora, her mind keeps going back to that night, and she can’t help but wonder what would have happened if she’d made different choices.

Cupid reports to The Almighty. Roaming the earth, spreading love, and bringing destined souls together, they take their assignments very seriously. To blend in, they manifest in many different forms, but when morphing into Toby, a cuddly ginger cat, they find a whole new level of joy in their job, and distractions are lurking around every corner.

When Nora and Yael finally meet again, strange things start to happen—things that are too bizarre to be coincidental. Is there free will in love? Or is our destiny written in the stars?

Christmas In Heaven (2022)

Helen works for Heaven, a high-end matchmaking company with a tailored and personal approach. As their number one matchmaker, there’s no way she can turn up at the company Christmas party solo, but she struggles to find a date.

Matilda is a corporate party planner hired by Helen to organise Heaven’s Christmas party. At the busiest time of year, she has her hands full with work, but she finds herself distracted by the beautiful matchmaker who has a terribly unromantic approach to finding love. 

According to Helen, they’re a match made in hell, and she sternly holds on to her belief that long-lasting love can only be found through a long compatibility questionnaire. But perhaps her complex formula is missing that one crucial ingredient: a sprinkling of festive magic.