May Lesfic Sale

Good news!

I Heart Lesfic is organising a lesfic sale from the 21st of May till the 25th of May. The Kindle versions of my novels, including my latest release The Cruise will be discounted down to $1.99, £1.99 and 1.99 for this period of time!

Besides my own books, there will be tons of other authors discounting their books, including Harper Bliss and Suzie Carr, so grab your change and stock up on your favourite reads!


French Summer Cover Reveal

French Summer Cover

After four months of non-stop writing and three trips to France, ‘French Summer’ is finally in it’s editing stages. It’s the first novel I’m writing since I went full-time as an author, so it’s a big thing. I’ve enjoyed my time in France so much, that I’ve decided to spend the month of June there to start on my fifth novel. I’ll be bringing El Comandante and Buddy with me and I’ve promised to order them dog-steps for the pool 🙂

Also, I’m thrilled that the super talented photographer Julia Caesar from Sweden has agreed for me to use her photograph on my cover. I think it perfectly sums up the vibe of the book. Let me know what you think!

The blurb isn’t final yet, but here’s a preview:

Newly divorced and bought out of her company, Nathalie rents a holiday home in the South of France. After years of hard work and a failed marriage in Chicago, she’s looking for some peace and quiet, a place to clear her mind and figure out her future.

Lena loves women, her dog, and gardening, but that’s about as complicated as it gets. When she meets her new tenant for the summer, it proves hard to stay professional as a guardian, especially when that tenant turns out to be everything she ever wanted and more.

As time passes and boundaries blur, the moment of goodbye becomes inevitable. Nathalie isn’t looking for a new love, especially not in the form of a woman, and Lena has no desire to get her heart crushed again.

Is it possible to find home in a country you’ve never been? And is it worth the risk, giving up everything for someone you barely know? They say home is where the heart is…


Mega Lesfic Sale


Hi Everyone,

Hope you’re all having a great Christmas! We’re taking it easy, with nice food and wine, and lots of presents for the dogs and the cat. An IQ test for animals that my brother bought them, revealed that El Comandante is very intelligent, but Buddy and Kanye (the cat) not so much 🙂 As expected, the cat was more interested in the packaging than the presents, so we brought him more empty boxes from the attic, which have been spread around the living room overnight and he’s loving it. Besides being festive, I’m writing today, and my wife is reading, as I’m sure many of you are. Well here’s some good news for you!

As part of the Mega Lesfic Sale, organized by I Heart Lesfic, both Lily’s Fire and Beyond the Skyline will now be on sale from the 26th until the 29th of December. Get your copy  today for only $1.99! There are more than fifty authors participating in this event, so it’s a great chance to stock up on books and kick start the new year with lots of reading.

We wish you all a festive boxing day and a fantastic New Year. May it be your best one yet! Meanwhile, I’ll be writing my resolutions…




The Cruise – Coming soon

cover finalWhen Cara is unable to find a job in journalism, she takes on a seasonal job on a cruise ship together with Billie, her best friend’s girlfriend. Billie isn’t her type at all, but as the two grow closer during their time at sea, Cara finds herself torn between her loyalty towards her friend Dan, and her growing feelings for the beautiful and flirtatious Billie, who might very well be the best thing that ever happened to her.

What do you do when the only thing you want is the one thing you can’t have? Keeping a distance is hard when opposites attract. And running away is pointless when desire can cross oceans…

I’m so pleased to announce that The Cruise will be out on January the 13th, 2018. I was initially aiming for Christmas, but January seemed more appropriate for a launch as there will be a big lesfic sale on at the end of December. Of course, Lily’s Fire and Beyond the Skyline will be part of this sale too, so if you haven’t read them yet, here’s your chance to get a kindle copy for only $1.99.

Have a lovely Christmas everyone! 🙂

Beyond the Skyline is out :)

I’m so glad that ‘Beyond the Skyline’ is finally out on Amazon. I can’t say it’s been easier, writing the second book. I’ve been terrified to dissapoint people who really liked ‘Lily’s Fire’ and have been dreading to press the ‘publish’ button. After reviewing the manuscript more than ten times, I finally gathered the courage to do it. Sometimes it’s best not to think about it too much and that’s what I’m trying to do now. I’m happy with the result and I hope my readers will enjoy it. The story is mainly set in Hong Kong, one of my favorite cities in the world.

Blurb: Sophie Scott is a privileged but hard working London girl who’s had just about enough of her mother’s obsessive attempts to set her up with an eligible bachelor. She has no interest in dating and has never been in love. When she meets her new colleague Mel on a business trip to Hong Kong, her whole world is turned upside down by the beautiful and independent woman who couldn’t be more different from her. It’s hard to hide from love in a city that never dims its lights. But love is never easy when everything you know changes…

Next week, I’ll be reading from ‘Beyond the Skyline’ at the Happy Valley Pride Festival in Hebden Bridge so please feel free to join me on 8/8/2017 at 7 pm at Ribbon Circus. The talented lesfic authors Jen Silver, Cari Hunter, Robyn Nyx and Brey Willows will read from their books too and the event is free. I’m really looking forward to meeting these ladies as we only know each other from Facebook!

In the meantime, I’m trying to decide what to write next. It’s an exciting stage, when the pages are blank and all possibilities are open. I’ve had this idea about a cruiseship that I can’t seem to get out of my head so I’ll be doing some research today. Any suggestions are welcome 🙂

happy valley